Rugged or Consumer Grade Device? Here’s the Answer

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Have you been considering purchasing new devices for your organization, but aren’t sure whether to go rugged or consumer grade? Here are the top 10 reasons choosing rugged devices is a smart idea:

Top 10 Reasons to Go Rugged:

10. Using a rugged computer can help minimize downtime due to dropped, broken or destroyed devices. Consumer devices should not be used on mission critical applications, especially when they are route-based.

9. Rugged devices typically have a longer production cycle, meaning that your IT/Help-desk won’t have to refresh or phase out devices every few months when upgrades are available (which is often, with consumer devices). Because of this, it’s also easier to standardize on accessories such as docks and chargers.

8. Rugged devices have replaceable, long lasting batteries that are designed to last a full shift on a complete charge. You won’t need to return a unit to the manufacturer to change its batteries.

7. Typically, rugged devices allow for more OS personalization, meaning they’ll more easily fit your company’s unique needs.

6. Rugged devices are meant to thrive in shop-floor or route environments without needing to be serviced/repaired.

5. Rugged computers are typically available with cost-effective service contracts that also include user abuse repairs.—not solely manufacturer defects.

4. Rugged devices typically come with a long list of available accessories, maximizing their benefit across the enterprise.

3. Rugged computers include more configurable hardware options to be installed at the time of manufacture (displays, GPS, WWAN, cameras, etc.)

2. Rugged computers often have a long list of supported software applications.

1. Perhaps most importantly, rugged devices typically have a much lower total cost of ownership. They may be pricey upfront, but over the course of a few years, their value far outweighs the value of consumer grade products.

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