Reduce Manufacturing Supply Chain Wastes with These 7 Steps

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In manufacturing, it's important to eliminate non-value adding processes. Here are seven common wastes and how you can eliminate them:

1. Waiting: Extra time in-between or during steps leads to wasted time and low efficiency.

2. Over-Production: Time and materials are wasted when the number of products produced is higher than the demand for those products.

3. Processing (Non-Value Added): Doing additional work that isn’t necessary can be caused by poor plant layout.

4. Unnecessary Motion: Unnecessary movement of employees (walking too far, bending, etc.) can be due to the inappropriate location of inventory, parts or tools. This can cause injuries and inefficiencies for workers.

5. Transportation: Unnecessarily moving materials wastes time and progress. There is a need for greater communication throughout your warehouse.

6. Defects: Producing defective parts or products results in rework which wastes money and time.

7. Excess inventory – Excess inventory is typically a direct result of over-production, and causes clutter and unnecessary financial investment.

Eliminating wastes throughout your warehouse’s workflow is important, and lean manufacturing is the answer. Lean manufacturing removes processes and actions that don’t add value, and it leads to savings for both you and the customer.

Keep these principles in mind when investing in lean manufacturing: Make the value flow; Identify the value stream; deliver with the customer in mind; make to order; and strive for perfection.

A real-time asset management solution can help reduce wastes and address all of the issues listed above. Excalibur provides an educated simplicity to complex business processes. We design flexible, full-service, turnkey wireless solutions, from beginning to end. With Excalibur at your side, technology is easy to operate, and clients will be educated and trained so that their information pathways are simple to navigate. In other words, we can help your lean manufacturing goals become a reality. Contact Excalibur today at or 1-800-899-8451 for additional information.