Mobile Technology Solutions for Distribution Centers & Warehouses

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 At Excalibur, we’re known for “simplifying the complex.” And we understand that mobile devices can be complex—especially when determining how and when to use them in the warehouse setting. The fact is, however, wireless mobile technology can be extremely beneficial in distribution centers and warehouses. Here’s how:

Successful wireless mobile devices support a product as it makes its entire journey through the warehouse. Inventory can be tracked using the barcodes on the item or on its package, for example. Warehouses of any size can also benefit by using these technologies to capture and share product data through a warehouse management software (WMS) system.


In receiving, accurate, immediate product labeling is important. If there is already a barcode label attached to the unit, package, case or pallet, it is scanned and entered into the WMS. If there is no label, one has to be printed. Using a mobile printer to print labels when products are received leads to increased accuracy, quicker labeling and greater productivity.

Movement or Storage in the Warehouse

Most warehouses/distribution centers require rugged, durable scanners, and wireless scanners are the most efficient technology available. These printers come with a large range of functionalities, including warning lights/sounds for loud environments and a choice of scanning distance.

Whether the product is going directly into the warehouse or being cross docked for shipment, it must stay traceable.

When the storage location is identified and the product is moved there, the worker needs a reliable device to scan and confirm the transaction in real time. Any subsequent moves between warehouses or within the warehouse/distribution center should also be scanned into the WMS system.


Picking in a warehouse requires accuracy, speed and flexibility. Orders must be accommodated from B2B and B2C customers, and mobile wireless devices are crucial in ensuring there is no backlog. All information from the picking plan should be stored in a WMS, leading to organized shipments and a seamless picking process.

The ideal scanner for picking is hands free so that a worker can move continuously without having to put down and pick up a device. A device such as this also eliminates the risk of repetitive stress injury to the worker.


Shipping and device management are two additional areas in which wireless mobile technologies can help. For more information about these or any of the above solutions, Contact Excalibur today at or 1-800-899-8451.