Automated Data Collection

Our Strategic Partners
for Automated Data Collection

Whether your business tracks inventory with mobile computers as it comes to the dock, or channels product on a conveyor system using fixed station scanners, Excalibur Integrated Systems, Inc., can help streamline your inventory system and processes.

Our skilled technicians are ready to consult with you on the best the solutions for efficiently managing inventory. Excalibur evaluates, recommends and installs only the best barcode scanning and printing systems on the market today.

We also provide our clients with custom staging and management solutions, field service and rugged mobile computing for your warehouse or on-the-ground staff. And our sales force automation and asset control systems keep your frontline and rearguard ready and able for anything.

  • Barcode Scanning & Printing
  • Inventory Management Solutions
  • Rugged Mobile Computing
  • Asset Control
  • Field Service
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Staging & Management

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