Adding Another Access Point is NOT the Solution for Wireless Troubles

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Are you fed up with your current wireless system? You may be tempted to follow some widespread “advice” that adding another wireless access point is the answer to your problems, but don’t fall for the hype! You may already have the solution you need within your current system; you simply need to have it analyzed by a professional.

Mounting an Access Point (AP) in the ceiling is rarely the answer. In fact, you probably only need a few of these. At Excalibur, we’ve noticed that a lot of wireless networks aren’t living up to their initial expectations, and they’re actually making it more difficult for workers to do their jobs efficiently. Your workers know when the network isn’t up to par, so make sure to check in with them first about how your network is hurting/helping their performance.

When you evaluate your wireless troubles, make sure to keep the free radio frequency spectrum in mind. Some factors that can affect the radio frequency spectrum include:  the attenuation of the material stored, free-space path loss, the amount of traffic using the wireless and the stocking level of your space. The building next door’s wireless signal could be affecting your system.

Having a professional analysis of your system can help uncover these issues—and many more. Excalibur’s networking experts and solutions can help by optimizing your network all the way down to device level, so that you have the access you need--whenever and wherever you are. We also offer 24/7 wired and wireless troubleshooting and resolution, as well as RF site surveys assessing wireless network performance. Finally, we provide remote access solutions and setup virtual private networks for our valued customers.

In short, the experts at Excalibur are trained to know how to get (and keep) your networks up and running. Having problems or simply looking for a new solution for your network? Visit us on the web at or contact us at You can also give us a call 1-800-899-8451. We look forward to helping you find your perfect solution!